Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hat Rehab 2: Black Hat

Charged with being too wide and swimming around the wearer's head. It must be rehabilitated.

All the colors

Sunshine shows off yarn best.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gray hat rehab succeeds

Fin! I popped the hat on Paul before I began decreasing. I think it fits now!

Great knitting friends let you get in on their yarn orders--thanks for the yarn opportunity, Katie! I bought Palette yarn from Knit Picks to make a Lace Ribbon Scarf from knitty for myself. I also bought pretty, delicate size 3 wooden circular needles.

This Chevron Stripes Hand Towel has been in project purgatory--stuffed in a knitting bag in my closet. I stopped because I didn't think I had enough yarn to make the hand towel rectangular, never mind all the suggested repetitions. What to do now? Give it up and save the leftover yarn for something else? Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hat Rehab 1: Gray Hat

As soon as I took back two hats of Paul's, the temperature got unseasonably cold in Nashville! This is the first hat I am rehabilitating. It is charged with not fitting over my boyfriend's ears, giving it a rather awkward fit. It fits me pretty well, but I'm not the one with the matching scarf. I had plenty of yarn to make it longer, so I "borrowed" it from Paul.

Here is the gray hat at top, with the new hat begun in leftover yarn:

I unravelled the old hat, which was a bit more time-consuming than I had imagined. I wound the yarn around a bucket, so I could slip it off and make skeins. Those skeins were notched from being a hat for a few months, so I dunked them in water (in the bucket!) and they came out smooth, if drenched with water. This yarn is Swish Superwash wool, so It was easy to wet it without felting it. Here are the skeins drying:

And this is Dodger posing with a center-pull ball of rehabbed wool:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My flash is very bright

Me and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, AKA Yarn Harlot

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Baby Love

I recently did a bunch of secret gift knitting for my friend Candyce, who's having her first baby! I hadn't done much baby knitting before.

Cones of cotton yarn gave me a lot to work with. I also used various colors of Sugar n'Cream Stripes. The labels are from Michael's Martha Stewart collection.

Dishcloths for the father-to-be, Andy, (his faves):

Baby washcloths:

Mucho burp cloths:

Sweet baby kimono in cotton yarn and silk ribbon from Textile Fabrics.