Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My brother-in-law, Chad, is an excellent photographer. I am not photogenic and I blinked in about a third of the photos (no flash! How is that possible?), and I think they turned out excellent! I feel pretty, oh so pretty . . .

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Things I did today

Today I planted Impatiens in the flower box on our porch.

Today I finally did a quick tailoring job on an old Mexican dress of mine. I made it into a tunic. The dress was muumuu like, and I wore it a lot in high school--comfy!

Rainbow Bear

I made this bear doll for Sophie's older sister, Olivia. All the materials were on hand: fabric scraps, felt, stuffing, thread. Pattern by Hillary Lang. Totally colorful and cute, and the perfect size for a little girl!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monkey in the backyard

This monkey is for my friend's little girl, Sophie.

Behold, the noble poodle!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New! New! New!

This is my beautiful fabric for the yoga mat bag I will sew. I joined the YMCA about a month ago and I go to yoga for relaxation weekly. I bought the fabric at Textile Fabrics in Nashville. The print is called Drawing Room by Free Spirit.

My current knitting project is the Lace Ribbon scarf from knitty, using Palette yarn in Tidepool Heather. The color is beautiful, and although 100% wool, it doesn't feel itchy. I bought fixed wooden size 3 circular needles, also from Knit Picks. They are great! I'm making the scarf for myself, and I feel like I can take my time to leisurely knit it.

I'm beginning a new craft tradition: making a sock monkey for a child's first birthday. I baste with a bright colored yarn and use a stretch stitch on my machine to sew the leg, arm, and tail seams. The rest of the sewing is hand sewing.

My newest craft book purchase is Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin, which is about sewing stretch fabrics, like knits. I use her first book, Sew U, as a guide when I sew garments. It really helps me remember all the little sewing steps I need to.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


About a month ago, I picked up some fabric scraps at a retirement home--they had received so many yarn and fabric donations over the past year that they had enough to have a big sale and call it Threadfest. Unfortunately, all the yarn nuts got there on Friday, when I had to work. But I like my scraps and I think they would add nice touches to a doll or stuffed animal.