Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sheldon Fin

Sheldon is cute and fun to make. And I love that his shell is removable.

Sugar City Quarterly

Today I received the first quarterly booklet from Sugar City Journal, which is a blog of sewing crafts written by two sisters-in-law. It's such a cute blog, check it out! They craft the most amazing children's clothes.

The booklet has projects and illustrations, stories and musings, about taking life a little slower and using one's imagination--with no ads. Also, it came in a black envelope with silver pen--wonderful to receive in the mail. I believe they are out of copies currently but check back for more.

Cotton Knit-o-rama

For me, the Ballband Dishcloth by the Mason-Dixon Knitters is the ultimate in fun, easy knitting. The pattern is easy to memorize, the size is very portable, and yet there is enough variety to keep me interested. Clearly, this past weekend I was obsessed. I knit four Friday to Monday!

Mesmerizing close-ups:

I am on the threshold of starting a big project--a shawl--for a special occasion--my wedding! I think that is why I had the burst of easy, mindless knitting. I also want to clean out my stash to make room for yarn for future projects. I'm toying with the idea of knitting fewer, more involved projects. At heart, I'm a bit of a sprinting knitter--I like shortish projects--so we shall see!

Monday, June 08, 2009


Miters are symetrical fun!