Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ooh, linen

(Reluctant) male (dog) model, Dodger, seen here under a completed Mason-Dixon Moss Grid Hand Towel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! I found your blog b/c I Googled "Moss Stitch Hand Towel," which I was looking for, b/c I'm not sure how to interpret part of the pattern - where it says, "These 2 rows...with the 6th of ea row and end when there are 5 sts left." I put my sm on both ends, 5 sts from needle points. Is the pattern suggesting that I not knit onto these 5 sts on either end??? What in the world do I do with them? I'd really appreciate any help if you're able.

Sarah H. said...

The five stitches on either end are moss stitched. They make a moss stitch border around the towel.

The directions for each row are for the stitches between your markers. So, moss stitch the first five, follow the directions, and moss stitch the last five.

Hope that helps!